If you’re reading this, you’re probably doing so from the early 21st century. You may be reading it on one of those portable devices that served as an extension of your capacity to communicate with other members of your species.

You may be wondering why we’re writing this as if we come from the future. That’s because, as far as your understanding of time and space goes, we are. But let us introduce ourselves properly.

Our names are Mike and Antonis, and we are Gliders: story hunters from different timelines trying to better understand the nature of humans through their collective choices. We found the 21st-century earthlings’ journey through the self-imposed challenges with their natural and social environment particularly interesting. So we decided to use 22nd-century technology to transmit important messages through conversations with carefully selected storytellers.

We met in the year 2183 (in correlation to your sense of time), when intertemporal communication has begun to proliferate time and space. The discovery of intertemporal frequency and amplitude modulation (ITFM and ITAM) in 2158 enabled multidimensional audio communications via radio. Subsequently, these technologies were incorporated into the Multi-World Wide Web (MWWW). The MWWW allows for text, video, and other media to be transmitted across time and space and has enabled broadcasting in comprehensible formats—like what you call podcasting in your universe.

Intertemporal communication has some complications, though. Shortly after we started broadcasting, we realized that not all our listeners live along the same time-space continuum, even though they’re all from “Earth.” For example, London in 2030 for one interviewee does not resemble London for another in 2030, even at the same address. This fact has inspired us to come up with Future Diaries—a podcast as you would call it—in which we interview guests from these different Earths. When we met Katelyn, an Intratemporal Scribe, it became clear that this project has…a future.

Katelyn was one of the first storytellers Mike and I had the good fortune to interact with after we finished our training as Intertemporal Gliders. In addition to Katelyn’s skills in communication and storytelling, we believe her perspective to be invaluable to listeners across the multiverse. Katelyn’s 21st century universe is technologically advanced in many ways. They had developed intertemporal communications technologies by 2030, after all. However, people and whole societies in her universe are deeply ambivalent in their understanding of technology, its uses, and the consequences of its use—and misuse—on their planet’s ecosystems. We find this to be a common theme in many of the stories we’ve encountered on our journey.

Later on the show, we also encountered Tev’Dilar, a young (by Ser’Lidin standards) xenoanthropologist, whose desire to research more on policies of intervention or non-intervention across the multiverse put her in our orbit. Recently, she joined our crew as a Multi-World-Wide-Web Quilter. Quilters like Tev’Dilar play a crucial role in connecting the narrative fabric of the multiverse across space and time by interacting with and learning directly from storytellers in other universes and then taking actions in their own universes. We’re thrilled she has joined the crew, and we look forward to hearing more from her on Future Diaries.

Each episode we ask our guests about what life is like in their world, and—as much as the space-time continuum will allow—critical turning points in their history. Our hope is to gain insight that can apply to people in all places and times.

Join us as we interview people from futures that just might be in your universe.


The Future Diaries Crew


Intertemporal Glider

Futur-artivist, learning and games enthusiast, tech wiz. Favourite things from past Earths: cats and chocolate.


Intertemporal Glider

Multiversal solarpunk committed to imagining and inspiring brighter futures. Favorite thing from past Earths: vintage electric cars.


Intratemporal Scribe

Writer and talker using future stories to understand the present. Favorite thing from past Earths: sparkly gel pens.


MWWW Quilter

Ser'Lidin xenoanthropologist, researching policies of intervention and non-intervention across the multiverse.


Our 21st-Century Earth Connectors

Camp Collapse

Intratemporal Analyst

Acud Macht Neu

MWWW Interlocutor

All for Climate

Intertemporal Allocator