• The Lorax and the Multiverse

    Why does Mike use “Mike the Lorax” as his moniker across the multiverse? The story behind it might be closely related to another story from your universe, that of “The Lorax”, by Dr. Seuss. How and why are the two related? Tune in to our first bonus episode and find out!

  • Future Diaries on Gitcoin

    Web3? Quadratic funding? New concepts of economics in your universe never cease to amaze us! But if they can contribute to climate solutions we're happy to test them out in practice!

  • Become a Future Diaries Patron by February 14 and get a postcard!Become a Future Diaries Patron by February 14 and get a postcard!

    Get a handwritten postcard from the future!

    New year, new season, new beginning. Join our community and become a Patron by February 14 and get a handwritten postcard from one of the Future Diaries crewmembers!

  • An interview and a worldbuild jam

    Once again, the Future Diaries crew decided to pose as 21st century humans, in order to take part in another podcast we really enjoy from your universe! Tune in and listen to our interview on Worldbuild With Us.

  • Future Diaries on Earth!

    We made it! Future Diaries is launching on January 17th in your universe. Watch our special appearance on Stories from the Future!