Tag: Climate Change

  • The Lorax and the Multiverse

    Why does Mike use “Mike the Lorax” as his moniker across the multiverse? The story behind it might be closely related to another story from your universe, that of “The Lorax”, by Dr. Seuss. How and why are the two related? Tune in to our first bonus episode and find out!

  • Future Diaries on Gitcoin

    Web3? Quadratic funding? New concepts of economics in your universe never cease to amaze us! But if they can contribute to climate solutions we're happy to test them out in practice!

  • The Conflagration Consequence

    New Brisbane signifies the return to land for humans, after centuries of having to survive in underwater colonies, following the Great Conflagration. That return is by and large the work of Penny Wilson. Tune in and hear her story from her grandson!

  • Gliding through Berlin

    We’re back in Berlin, but everything is different. Our guest visits Berlin in parallel universes, first as an escape and then as part of her research. But how is it done? Tune in and find out!

  • The Children of the Earth

    In Berlin 2089 the Children of the Earth have survived the environmental collapse by isolating themselves underground. But our guest has met a survivor above ground! What is Dani's story? Tune in and find out!

  • They Don’t Call It Collapse…

    Katelyn joins Antonis and Mike on the Future Diaries Crew and to share her story. How did they connect and why did she become an Intratemporal Scribe? Tune in and find out!

  • Colony 73812

    Antonis connected with...himself, but in a different universe. What was his world like? Could it be in your future? Tune in and find out!