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This will be the third time we’re participating in a grants round on gitcoin in your universe! It definitely helps that once our grant is set up it just stays on the platform and we only have to keep it up to date in order to participate in all future rounds. But if money doesn’t work in the same way in the universes we come from, and doesn’t even exist in some of the universes we live in, why does it make sense for us to participate in a concept around garnering financial support in your universe, let alone continue to be part of it every few months?

To repeat our reasoning shared in the previous rounds as well, our studies in Multiversal Comparative Economics have revealed many different approaches to planetary economies across the multiverse. This particular one in your universe is one we find exceptionally interesting. As we’ve mentioned before, you seem to have many different iterations of money. Still, in recent years from your point of view in time, you’ve also been experimenting with different ways to produce money, which affects how an individual may perceive the very nature of money, and consequently how they can potentially manage and utilise it. We’ve been looking at the concept of “token economy” to get a better comprehension of this. One such approach is shaping around decentralization, and that seems to affect not only the utilitarian aspects of the related forms of money but expands to different types of contracts and even various sociopolitical notions.

We’re impressed by the various attempts at conceiving and testing applicable models in practice, followed by learning and improving them as they go, which differs from purely theoretical approaches to the economy. For example, this particular platform in your universe revolves around a concept called “quadratic funding”. It’s a model for raising funds, by first raising a matching pool, and then running a crowdfunding campaign which is matched according to an algorithm through which the number of contributors matters more than the amount funded. The model claims to create more democracy in public goods funding decisions as a result!

Gitcoin has an interesting video that explains how quadratic funding works:

We have been inspired by the approach of applying a concept in practice and learning as you go, and contacts in your universe have been looking for an opportunity to put that to the test, as long as it matches our values. We’ve joined a platform called Gitcoin, for raising funds using quadrating funding, that frequently hosts matching rounds thematically linked to important causes. This is the third time we are participating in a round on the topic of “Climate solutions”. Our research confirms that the topic is one that calls for urgent action in your universe and our contacts there consider our broadcasts of great inspiration on the matter. Our mission is, after all, to inspire better presents and better futures. They’ve therefore created a grant for the show that has been approved and is ready for your support!


Our previous two matching rounds have had relevant success, not only in raising a small number of funds but, perhaps more importantly, raising awareness around our mission. The beauty of this type of grant is that it’s permanent and can continue to be part of several future rounds, as long as the theme is relevant. If you’re part of this “Web3” world or you enjoy learning through practice, then go ahead and contribute to the Future Diaries grant for Climate solutions!

You can find it on gitcoin.co/grants/5031/future-diaries

In case this requires a reminder, we of course had to pose once again as if the show is fictional, to not draw attention away from the call to action on the grant. Long-time listeners of Future Diaries know the truth. Let’s keep it that way!

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