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Time flies – isn’t that a saying in your universe? Well, it seems like an entire year passed in a blip, a year of listening to your favourite podcast. We’re not entirely sure how podcast seasons work, as they seem to last longer than a…season but, if we understand correctly, that also means season 1 of Future Diaries has been completed, and we’ve entered season 2 with the coming of the new year from your standpoint.

What do you think of the first episode of our new season? One thing became clear to us when the time to broadcast a new story to your universe came: We need to revisit past universes and reconnect with past storytellers, or even our own selves, in order to better understand how the multiverse works, and continue on our mission to provide stories that can inspire better presents and better futures. That doesn’t mean we won’t be meeting new sentient beings across space and time of course, but it seems that going deeper into universes we’ve barely touched upon on our journey can greatly enhance our impact.

As it should be expected, with a new season come new opportunities! We believe you have a concept of new year’s resolutions in your universe? Ours would be to reach out to a much broader audience and be able to focus more on our Glider work with your support. And we’ve managed to build new ways to make that possible in your universe!

As you know by now, intertemporal communication makes it possible to connect with sentient beings across space and time. It’s thanks to such connections in your universe that we’re able to reach out to you despite our space and time difference. Well, we’ve just managed to expand on the possibilities to connect with you and we’d love to interact with many more of you as a result!

To do so, we’ve started building a digital community and we want you to join instantly and invite all your friends to join as well!

But wait! There’s more.

As we’ve mentioned before, being able to connect with you in your universe requires a lot of effort. While this is only a source of pleasure where we come from, in your universe, Future Diaries cannot be sustained without your support. We use a platform called Patreon to garner your contributions, and you’re more than welcome to join in!

Become a Patron!

There are different tiers of support, and our patrons get exclusive rewards! Bonus episodes, advanced ways to communicate, exclusive privileges in our digital community, and even merchandise for the top tiers!

And if that’s not enough, there’s even more! If you show some love by becoming a Future Diaries Patron of any tier by February 14, 2022 in your universe, you will also receive a handwritten, personalised postcard from one of our crewmembers! So, if you love the show so far, make sure to show it by then. And don’t forget to share this message with your friends!
Become a Future Diaries Patron and earn exclusive rewards!

It’s really incredible what we can do with technology these days. We find it hard to believe it ourselves sometimes. Well, “these days” might be a stretch, but you know what we mean. We’ll talk to you in the future!

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