An interview and a worldbuild jam

Once again, the Future Diaries crew decided to pose as 21st century humans, in order to take part in another podcast we really enjoy from your universe!

As you know, it’s important to keep a low profile when it comes to interacting with different universes, in order to not disrupt the time-space continuum. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to discuss with Rob Hilferty, Chris Prunty, Daniel Quinn, and Courtney Staples so we played out somewhat more believable characters. We sat down to talk science-fiction, climate change, UBI, and a whole lot more notions you may be familiar with from the perspective of your universe.

And we definitely didn’t want to miss the worldbuilding jam! Here on Future Diaries, we are all about telling the stories of real universes across the multiverse. So, constructing fictional universes as a pastime activity felt like such an incredible opportunity to challenge our creativity with. Some of the things you people can do in your universe are just amazing to experience!

Give it a listen below:

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PS. Let us know what you think of our acting abilities! Do we pass as 21st century humans?

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