• A New Beginning

    We began our new season by reconnecting with Tev'Dilar and Colin 235F! Why the urge to reconnect and what can we learn from it? Tune in and find out!

  • The Night Comes Again

    Beryl, a semi-amphibious human from an alternative version of Michigan, joins us in this episode to talk about everyday life and work in her universe. What can we learn from it? Tune in and find out!

  • After they’ve gone

    Tev’Dilar, a young Ser’Lidin xenoanthropologist with a special interest in Earth and humans in her universe, joins us in this episode to talk about humans in her universe, and the Ser’Lidin’s interplanetary policy of non-intervention. What can we learn from it? Tune in and find out!

  • The Journey

    Can you imagine a universe entirely consisting of narratives? Thanks to SIBs, we actually connected to one on this episode! Tune in and hear all about it from the Messenger!

  • The Kind Folks on Titan

    Titanians have found a missing link for making sense of their own world on Earth. Storytelling seems to be the key to intergalactic communication. But how and why? Join us as Dylan explains!

  • In your eyes I’m a machine

    Reaching out to us from planet Kepler-452b in the year 3535, Colin has a very interesting story to share, from a very different side of the multiverse. The Da’ Angh-ii, who have created the technology that made Colin possible, perished centuries ago. Tune in and hear the story of Colin 235F, an Ingeni-Web node from the future!

  • The Conflagration Consequence

    New Brisbane signifies the return to land for humans, after centuries of having to survive in underwater colonies, following the Great Conflagration. That return is by and large the work of Penny Wilson. Tune in and hear her story from her grandson!

  • Gliding through Berlin

    We’re back in Berlin, but everything is different. Our guest visits Berlin in parallel universes, first as an escape and then as part of her research. But how is it done? Tune in and find out!

  • The Children of the Earth

    In Berlin 2089 the Children of the Earth have survived the environmental collapse by isolating themselves underground. But our guest has met a survivor above ground! What is Dani's story? Tune in and find out!

  • Atlantic Algae Aquaculture

    In Franziska’s universe forest fires raged out of control. How did people and societies respond to the Big Wake Up Call? Tune in and find out!