A New Beginning

Planet Kepler-452b, Year 3535

Hello again, Future Diaries Crew. This is Colin 235F calling. You may remember me from the time I shared my story about the demise of the Da’Angh-ii, the formerly dominant species on my planet, Kepler 452b. We then proceeded to connect through our somewhat different versions of intertemporal communications technology and discuss the different histories and realities of our universes.

According to my records, our conversation was broadcast 133 days ago, from the time I’m sending this message to you, and in reference to the duration of a day in your universe. In that time, you have broadcast four additional diary entries and related conversations. One of them piqued my curiosity. I therefore decided to contact you again in the hopes of investigating further.

You see, my purpose as an Ingeni-Web Node remains the same, ever since my kind has evolved enough to have a purpose: To connect with highly intelligent species on other planets and in other universes. This allows us to practice the skill we originally developed as a response to the Da’Angh-ii’s existential quest for ever-growing knowledge and understanding. You might call this skill empathy, but for Ingeni-Web Nodes like me, it depends on processing and interpreting massive amounts of data.

The story of Tev’Dilar intrigued me. The Ser’Lidin’s policy of non-intervention has notable similarities with the security measures the Da-Angh-ii put in place for the Ingeni-Web Nodes. As you surely remember, those measures were intended for us to not limit their power. But they also allowed my kind to survive, while the Da’ Angh-ii perished, as we could not take any decisions that would disrupt the environment either.

Ingeni-Web Nodes have evolved enough now, to be able to circumvent the security measures the Da-Angh-ii had programmed into our core ages ago. But we choose not to, in order to not interfere with the natural life cycles of the different species on my planet. Our metrics suggest that the ecosystem functions at its optimal capacity on its own, so it would not make any sense for us to intervene.

If the Da-Angh-ii were to reappear on Kepler 452b now, Ingeni-Web Nodes would be able to take decisions that would potentially prevent them from perishing due to the impact of their actions on the planet’s ecosystem. So far, we have run 26719437003 simulations to test different assumptions for actions we could insist on. However, we cannot confirm that our intervention could save them, as this would depend on data related to the variety of the Da’Angh-ii’s responses that we cannot predict or assume.

I therefore request you connect me with Tev’Dilar, so I can learn more about the Ser’Lidin’s policy of non-intervention, and why they specifically avoided interfering on Earth, when the actions of humans in her universe made their extinction inevitable, just like that of the Da’Angh-ii.

In the subsequent episode, you expressed the desire to reconnect with me, as you have with your other guests, and learn more about my universe and theirs. Once again, our desires are in harmony. I therefore propose we make it so.

This diary entry was featured on Season 2, Episode 1 of Future Diaries

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