Atlantic Algae Aquaculture

Atlantic Seaweed Aquaculture Gyre, 4th of March 2036

Dear diary,

We are travelling back to the cargo barge, so I wanted to use this time to update you on the good news I received today. First, like always, my current position: We are at 28 degrees 15 minutes north and 45 degrees 5 minutes West, in the gyre. Everyone on board is in a good mood, we enjoy all the amazing watersports out here. My favorite is to go exploring on dives and snorkels. The work is going well too, we can harvest continuously as the seaweed grows super fast. No wonder they call this stuff the golden tides.

[Captain speaking into the radio]: “Cargo Barge Whale Belly, Cargo Barge Whale Belly, Golden Explorer.”

[Controller heard through the radio]: “Go ahead, Golden Explorer.”

[Captain]: “We are about 5 minutes away travelling at 7 knots with great wind from Northwest.”

[Controller]: “Copy that. We are getting ready for docking.”

It sounds like I have to help soon with docking, so let me get to the point and share my exciting news. I just received confirmation that I got the placement in the Guarani Agroforestry project for my green impact year that follows this blue impact year. I am so excited! Can’t wait to learn agroforestry practices directly from the Guarani people and help them rebuild what was lost. I love it out here in the gyre though. This might be what I choose to do after my impact years are over. My dad is very jealous of the new impact year system. Back in his days, he had to do military service after high school, and that in Switzerland, a neutral country. He said it was rather pointless. But these impact years we have to do now, he says, they make a real impact on society and help us find a path in life.

[Shouting in the background]: “Everyone on their station!”

Ok, diary, you heard it. It’s time to bring the sails in and dock to the barge.

[My friend Mar]: “Talking to your invisible boyfriend again?”

Haha, yea…… Had to tell him about the placement in agroforestry I got.

[Mar]: “No way! You got the spot! Congrats!”

This diary entry was featured on Season 1, Episode 4 of Future Diaries

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