Colony 73812

2058 / 75XY
Colony 73812 / Siberia

Dear diary,

I’m bored… Every day kinda feels the same here. It’s been 23 years since we’ve destroyed our environment. That’s what we called it back then, not realising we’re part of it.

Whatever it was, I used to paint as a kid. I’ve been trying to paint in my lonely time here as well, but there’s nothing to see so I can paint it and I’ve run out of ideas in my head. All I see outside is this rusty coloured ground, like on the games about terraforming Mars I used to play back then.

Yet, I’m still on Earth! How did this happen? Well, anyway, I wish it didn’t, but it’s too late now and I’m tired of complaining as well.

Everyone thought that our biggest problems would be where do we get our energy from; how do we produce food… But no… It’s this freaking boredom… Staying in these high tech colonies on what used to be uninhabited frozen mountains, after everything melted away, one can easily run out of walls to bump into.

I can’t, of course, go outside, otherwise I’ll burn to death in minutes. But right now I’m actually wondering if that’s worse than having nothing to do all day than survive for the sake of surviving. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m just a sack of meat, moving around from wall to wall, wondering what’s the meaning of life. I know the world doesn’t revolve around me, like my mom used to say, but these walls certainly do. There’s nothing else to revolve anyway.

Writing these thoughts down is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going. And who am I writing it for? Myself and the next sentient sack of meat that will be reading, bored by existing just to keep existing.

Till tomorrow, dear diary…

This diary entry was featured on Season 1, Episode 2 of Future Diaries

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