Your Story

Intertemporal communication may seem like magic to you… But to us, it means a multiverse of possibilities to connect with people and understand humanity through their memories. The Multi-World Wide Web allows us to receive written messages across space and time, and our work as Gliders is essentially to hunt for the most valuable stories to accomplish our mission. This page, as simple as it may seem to you, is key to our work, and your memories may just be the ones we’re looking for!

Use the form below to send us your diary entries. Our crew will then power-up our Multi-Dimensional Intertemporal Compass (MDIC) and if the beams are in alignment, it will prove your diary entry is indeed relevant to the Future Diaries mission and we may feature it on our podcast! Our research shows that listening to a few episodes can improve your understanding of what has more chances to make the MDIC beams align, so make sure to subscribe!