Category: Diaries

  • Not for Granted

    Lyon Glider School Campus, 3rd Tridi of Vendémiaire, 378 (October 14, 2169) Dear Diary, For my new course in multiversal comparative economics, Professor Schroeder asked us to take notes on […]

  • Days of Future Passed

    Orghcropia Glider School campus, August 10, 2172 Dear Diary, I should probably get used to writing to you, as Professor Madison insists it’s the best method to compare the microeconomics […]

  • A New Beginning

    Planet Kepler-452b, Year 3535 Hello again, Future Diaries Crew. This is Colin 235F calling. You may remember me from the time I shared my story about the demise of the […]

  • The Night Comes Again

    Bloomfield Charter Township, Michigan, 2038 A typical day for me: Wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth—in that order! It’s not technically the right way according to dental consultants, but in […]

  • After they’ve gone

    Earth, Year 2371 (in human numbers) Hello? I really hope this thing is working… My name is Tev’Dilar, and I’m a researcher from the species of Ser’Lidin. We inhabit many […]

  • The Journey

    The usual rules of time and space do not apply to this universe… Today, I travelled to the edge. I wanted to meet her. Of course words like ‘today’,’travelling’, ‘edge’ […]

  • The Kind Folks on Titan

    Planet Titan, Year 2070 … Hello? Can you hear me? This is my first live transmission… I know how it works, but I am not sure if it works… Hm, […]

  • In your eyes I’m a machine

    Planet Kepler-452b, Year 3535 If you are receiving this message, I want to talk to you. My name is Colin 235f, and I am not human, like those that I […]

  • The Conflagration Consequence

    June 10, 2497 Excerpts from the autobiography of Penny Wilson, a geological and sustainability scientist who lived in one of Australia’s Sub-Acquatic Salvation Project, or SASP, colonies, 30 miles east […]

  • Gliding through Berlin

    June 17, 2030 Dear diary, Alex came to visit today! It was so exciting…the last time she came must have been 10 years ago, when I got married. How much […]