Category: Diaries

  • The Children of the Earth

    December 27, 2089 – Neustadt an der Havel, Old German Republic Dear Diary, On a recent reconnaissance trip to the abandoned city of Berlin, I was walking through the ruins […]

  • Atlantic Algae Aquaculture

    Atlantic Seaweed Aquaculture Gyre, 4th of March 2036 Dear diary, We are travelling back to the cargo barge, so I wanted to use this time to update you on the […]

  • They Don’t Call It Collapse…

    2030, Earth You can’t make plans in 2030, it doesn’t make sense. From week to week, you could be displaced by a flood or fire or a disaster of a […]

  • Colony 73812

    2058 / 75XY Colony 73812 / Siberia Dear diary, I’m bored… Every day kinda feels the same here. It’s been 23 years since we’ve destroyed our environment. That’s what we […]

  • Mike

    Monday, October 14, 2030 – Portland, Maine, United States of America Dear diary, It’s another beautiful fall day in Portland, Maine, where I’m writing from today rather than back home […]